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Ceramika Artystyczna

Unikat Divided Dish

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Divided dishes are such an under appreciated accompaniment to your table. Breakfast, lunch and dinner they are ready and these make the perfect snacking dish as well. 

Product Details

Size: 8.8" long x 4.75" wide x 1.5" deep
Pattern: u1399
Pattern Level: Unikat 4 (what's this?)
Artist: Zofia Spychalska (who's this?)
 Ceramika Artystyczna 

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The Benefits of Polish Pottery

  • Imported directly from Boleslawiec, Poland. 
  • Hand decorated using either stamps or brush or a mixture of both. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. 
  • Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe (see safety guidelines). 
  • Crack and chip resistant. We don't know about everyone else, but we drop stuff a lot. 
  • Lead and Cadmium free which means it's food safe (we have randomly tested pieces ourselves both privately and upon inspection with the FDA).
  • The easiest cleanup experience you will ever have. Seriously, it's amazing.
  • The wow factor. Not only does your kitchen deserve it but be prepared for everyone who sees your pottery to want to touch it and talk about it. 


Pacific Polish Pottery has been offering new, first quality stoneware for over 21 years. Authenticity Guaranteed.