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Why Polish Pottery?

What is Boleslawiec Polish Pottery and why do you need it?

In simple terms, polish pottery is the ultimate in cookware  and dinnerware from Boleslawiec, Poland.  It will literally change the way you cook.

No more disposeable dishware. No more ugly glass ware and you can ditch most of your metal pans which typcially scorch and burn food anyway. Plus they don't hold any moisture which is one of the reasons why polish stoneware is so great. It helps to keep your food from drying out.

It makes you actually want to clean! No really. We used to shy away from things like lasagna and scalloped potatoes because the cleanup afterward was so tedius. Soak, scrub, repeat. Polish pottery requires so little to clean it that you will start to think it's a miracle of science. Food slides off the surface of polish pottery.

You know how puppies and kittens can make you happy? Polish pottery does the same thing. It makes you smile when you look at your dishes filled with food. People who see it can't help but comment on it. They want to touch it and talk about it. It's that special. Ok, it's not kitten and puppy special but it comes a close second.

What are you looking for? Plates, bowls, mugs, teapots, canisters? Maybe something fun or small? Pacific Polish Pottery


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We offer the best Boleslawiec Polish pottery anywhere. When it comes to polish stoneware, each factory brings something different to the table. The one that is universally regarded as the best is Ceramika Artystyczna. 95% of what we carry comes from this factory.

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