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Polish Pottery Buyer's Guide

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First Time Buyer

This is either for the person who doesn't know anything about polish pottery or someone who knows what it is but never pulled the trigger on buying a piece. They think it's really really pretty thought.



Smaller bakers are a great place to start because you don't want to overwhelm the recipient. Plus these have handles and are not so scary.

Wide rim bowls are something that you will find yourself grabbing more than plates. You will spend less time chasing your food around and more time enjoying it.

Do you drink coffee? Tea? Why yes you do. So this is an obvious choice. Personally we use them for soup and our favorite, ice cream. Perfect start to the day.

This particular shape bowl is a medium size bowl. We think of cereal, soup and salad when suggesting this bowl. It's a great go to item that will have anyone hooked in no time.

This is a fun shape that people will want to use just because. It's easy to handle and you can carry around your snacks easily which makes it a winner in our book.

Pottery Addicts

You know who you are. You find yourself browsing eBay and lovingly touching your pottery after you wash it because it's just so pretty. Oh do we have some suggestions for you. 

Most pottery addicts have plenty of bakers however we include this one because it's become our favorite. Those handles. That shape. It's practically calling for brownies.

These are one of our favorite items. They are mini plates. We use them for coasters, candle holders, butter plates. You will find them at every meal in our home. You need them too.

We are always surprised at how many people don't have a muffin pan. Get one now. You can make so much more than sweets, think meatloaf and pineapple upside down cake.

Again, another great item that many people have never seen. Pile that center high with guacamole or a cheese ball and load up with chips. You can't go wrong here.

Think you won't use this? Oh we beg to differ. Imagine it filled with salsa, queso and guacamole all at once. We know about this magical trio because we've done it.

The Cook

This can be anyone in your life but the important thing is that they know their way around a kitchen. You can't get them just any ole thing. Take some notes, we have a few suggestions.

Honey is a staple for anyone that likes to cook but it's odd how many people don't have a proper honey jar. Look no further, we have them and they are awesome!

I can almost promise you that the cook in your life doesn't have a bowl like this. While it might be a little awkward at first, it won't take long before they are asking you for a complete set.

Trust me when I tell you that even if someone has a muffin pan, if it's not polish pottery, they need this in their life. They may not know it, but trust me. I'm right about this.  

Without a doubt this is an extravagant gift. This is not just a serving piece, you can actually oven cook stews and soups and roasts.  

This spouted bowl is what Sunday morning was made for. Mix a batter and pour easily. You can also make salad dressings and other pour-able delights.

Your Clients

We get calls often from people who are looking for a gift for their clients. Here are some of the items that we have helped people with. When we followed up with them, they were all a hit. When you send a client this kind of gift, it's not thrown in a drawer, but cherished and loved.  

This piece makes a great house warming gift if your a realtor and you want to gift your clients with something meaningful. These are the kinds of things that have them coming back.

Everyone has a coffee mug at their desk. Usually though it's a cheap mug with crappy logos and graphics. No one wants to drink from that but everyone wants to drink from this.

This is a unique piece that is going to get attention. If they are a big client then this is a great choice. If you are looking for something to make an impact, these bowls are it.

These are small but make a big impact. You can get regular size teapots but you can also get personal size ones. Those are the best because you don't have to share.

Sometimes you just need a little something to send to a client and this is a good choice. They will keep it on their desk and fall in love with it. Who wouldn't, it's an elephant!

  • Teachers
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Mommy


Polish Pottery makes THE perfect gift for teachers. Our favorite way to gift this to teachers is to bake banana bread into a baker and gift the whole thing. They enjoy the bread and love the pottery. We promise, it's a winner. You're welcome.  

Normally we don't suggest larger pieces as gifts for teachers but remember that banana bread suggestion? I guarantee that you will be long remembered. Go ahead, be THAT parent.

This adorable little lady can be used for lemons or any kind of solid condiment. They are uniquely Polish and make a wonderful gift that's small in stature but makes a large impression.

Show me any teacher who has a mug as gorgeous as any polish pottery? I doubt you can. They all drink coffee or tea and one can never have too many mugs.

Small bowl, apple shaped, need we say more? Kitchen staple or desk decoration, the apple shape alone makes it unique for any teacher on your list.

Magnets are a great idea for teachers too. Often times they have a magnetic board in the classroom and every time they look at this they will think positive thoughts about your child. Win.


The truth is that most of the time it's a man buying this product for a woman but that needs to change! Men love to cook! They love art! They appreciate quality!  

We always say that bakers are the foundation of any kitchen. Seems scary to use something so beautiful but we do every day. In fact I can't image cooking without them. The cleanup alone is so easy you will wonder why you didn't start using polish pottery sooner.

Have you ever considered using a fancy shaped dinner plate? If you don't you should but if that's too out there this makes a great platter and who doesn't need another platter?

Every counter should have a fruit bowl. This one allows you to rinse your fruit and dry it without making a mess or having to soak up the excess water with paper towels. It's two pieces and cleans up better than anything you might currently be using.

This is one of those pieces that can be used for serving but also as a dinner plate. Imagine that, keeping everything on your plate from touching?! Amazing.

These are really fantastic. Not only are they something that is truly a unique gift but it's one that will be used time and again. People will want it and you'll have to hide it but it's so worth it. It may be the perfect gift.


This is either for the person who doesn't know anything about polish pottery or someone who knows what it is but never pulled the trigger on buying a piece. They think it's really really pretty thought.

Everyone needs a piggy bank and while this one is smaller, it's still a unique gift that will be appreciated.

Kids like small things especially little container where they can store something. These little jars can hold baby teeth, a favorite memento or piece of jewelry.

While these serve no real purpose other than to make you feel good, we carry a wide range of animal figures from owls to horses, cats and elephants.

This is just a teddy bear figure but it's a keep sake that any young person would appreciate.

Kids snack and every kid I have known likes their own special snack bowl.

Your Mommy

It doesn't really matter if it's your mommy or someone else, we just know what they like. Trust us. We have a few mommies in our family. They are wonderful and deserve to be celebrated with Polish Pottery.

Is there baking going on? If so then surely they need something to showcase their culinary treats! These always sell out fast but it's an amazing gift if you can get one.

You can serve a basket full of bread or fill it with flowers. Baskets get to stay out all year round so unlike bakers that get hidden away when not in use, your mom can show this one off all year round.

Can you say sugar? How about butter? This little box is super handy and is much nicer than your typical sugar box. Don't want to put food in it? No problem! Fill it with candy or trinkets, either way it's a winner.

I think drinking tea is something all moms (and grandmas) just sort of fall into as time moves on. I have never known one that didn't love a sweet little teapot.

If your mom is anything like our moms then they have endless pictures on their refrigerator. Kid's drawings, coupons and shopping lists too. They need magnets.

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