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What is Polish Pottery?
Polish Pottery, also referred to as Polish Stoneware, comes from Boleslawiec, Poland. The clay used in this product is superior to almost any other form of stoneware that you are likely to find. It is mined only in this area of Poland and is naturally white and dense.
What makes Polish Pottery so special?
If you have used this stoneware before, you won't even bother with this question. If you have not, let me tell you about the wonderful qualities of this stoneware. Most stoneware that I have had experience with starts off looking pretty but soon chips and cracks. The crucial difference between the cheap stoneware and our stoneware is the density. Less porous means it is durable to such a degree that these pieces (with the right care) can literally last a lifetime. The clay density also means better heat and cold distribution. Each piece is double glazed and you will realize the benefit of this when you wash them for the first time. Things seem to just float off and very little scrubbing is needed. Gone is the need to soak overnight. In our house, it means that I am no longer scared to make scalloped potatoes!
Is this art or bake-ware?
It's both! Another reason this product is so special is that each piece is hand painted. There is no mass production here. The artistry level varies and each piece is painted using a mix of stamping and brushwork. Some higher level pieces are noted with the creating artist name and pattern number. No matter how intricate the artwork, every piece is created with the same level of quality and care.