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Polish Pottery FAQ

What is Polish Pottery?

Polish pottery is often described as "functional art". It really is more than that. It is a beautiful yet safe type of stoneware that is safe to use. This product is only made in one region in the world, Boleslawiec, Poland. The chemical composition of the clay used in this stoneware is only found in this region of Poland. It is a mixture of the clay, the artistry and the production that make this stoneware unique. This is not a mass produced product and in fact, every piece is painted by hand. That technique vary's depening on the complexity of the piece but the artistry is second to none.

How Much will I pay in Shipping?

We will always do our best to keep shipping reasonable. Our shipping starts at a very modest 4.95 and never exceeds 14.95 per shipment within the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii have different rates. See our shipping & return policy for complete details. 

What if I don't want to pay shipping?

Believe me, we don't either but shipping is a reality that we cannot escape. We do our best to help you in this regard but we do not offer free shipping. 

Is Polish Pottery really safe?

Absolutely it's safe as long as you are using it appropriately. Don't expose it to sudden temperature changes (as in don't take it from your oven and then try and fill it with cold water) and we would suggest not throwing it or kicking it around. If you avoid these things then this stoneware will last you for years to come. You can use it in the microwave, the dishwasher, the oven and even the freezer but don't forget what we told you about sudden temperature changes. That's kryptonite to polish stoneware.

Why are there different prices for the same shapes?

The prices for Polish Pottery vary based on a number of factors. Pattern is often the biggest reason for price variations. You can have the same shape mug with 12 different prices based on the complexity of the pattern and how long it took to decorate. Some patterns are stamped on and therefore are done quickly. This means that more of that particular shape and pattern can be produced in an hour. Other pieces are a mix of stamp and brush work. The highest priced ones are a combination of all brush work and limited patterns. Those limited patterns are often only done by the original artist so very few are produced.

How will polish pottery change the way I cook?

The first thing I usually tell people who are not familiar with Polish pottery is you must USE it. It is stunning to look at but it's when you use it to cook and bake that it really shows you what it can do. It heats evenly and let's very little moisture evaporate away. It also cleans like a dream. No more going back and forth to soak and scrub.

What if you don't have the piece I want, can I order it?

Yes, absolutely! Most pieces and patterns can be special ordered. It will come down to you knowing what pattern you want and then deciding on the shapes. Payment is required up front for 50% of the order and the balance can be paid when it arrives from Poland. Keep in mind that orders can take anywhere from 6-9 months to arrive.

Do you have recipes for everyone to try?

We are foodies to be sure. In fact we have a separate food blog called The Ravenous Bunny where we feature food we love and of course, Polish Pottery.

Do you have a question about Polish Pottery? Let us know and not only will we answer it promptly but we may add it to this page as well.

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