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Ceramika Artystyczna

Unikat Handled Bowl

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These bowls are often described as bouillon bowls but we find they work great as individual soup crocks (think French onion!) especially when you have guests. Cook up individual desserts as well. You will also find these at our Thanksgiving table filled with things like olives and cranberry sauce. The lid keeps everything perfect while waiting for the rest of the food to make it to the table. Take note of the bottom of this piece. Not only did Weronika Buldanczyk design this piece but she also painted it herself, making it a rare find. 

This piece is part of a large inventory collection that has been in storage for the better part of the last 15 years. They are all new pieces, ordered at the time by a direct distributor for the Ceramika Artystyczna factory. Many of these pieces are patterns and or shapes that are no longer in production. When they are gone, they are gone. They cannot be ordered again. 

Product Details

Size: 5.3" x 3.9" x 2.25" deep
Capacity: 11.5 oz
Pattern: u366 (no longer in production)
Pattern Level: Unikat 3 (what's this?)
Artist: Weronika Buldanczyk (who's this?)
 Ceramika Artystyczna 

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