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PRE-ORDER Gnome Luminary 10$ Deposit

$ 10.00


By selecting this listing you agree to the following:

This listing is for both the short and tall (you choose) Unikat Gnome Luminary. You are paying the deposit right now of 10.00 per gnome. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and goes toward the overall price of your gnome. Shipping is due at the time you pay your deposit. 

This factory is raising prices 10% so by pre-ordering you will be locking in the price now Orders for other items cannot be combined with this shipment. If you order other items at the same time we will have to cancel your order so please make sure if you are reserving gnomes, that is all that is in your shopping cart. The shipping fee is also non refundable. 

The Tall Gnome is 89.00

The Short Gnome is 79.00

The images on this listing are representative of the shape only. Patterns will be available to choose much later and possibly not until they actually arrive. No particular pattern is guaranteed.  We have a series of exclusive snowflake patterns that will be arriving which you can see from our snowman canisters (see image below). You can message us if you want one of these colors as these will make up the majority of our gnomes. 

This shipment is due to arrive in August and likely won't ship to you until September HOWEVER it is entirely possible that it will arrive later than that. We know the wait is difficult but this is just how it works. It will be worth it, we promise. 

You will be billed for the balance upon arrival. Right now you are paying a deposit of 10.00 per gnome, with the balance due when they arrive later this summer. Shipping will be charged in full or in part right now (depending on how many you order) and if a balance is due (according to our shipping policy) we will collect that when the balance is paid. 

Do NOT add anything else to this order. We will have to cancel it. Because of how long this must be on hold, it becomes problematic if there are other items that are not being held. 

Size: Tall - 8" tall ; Short - 6" tall
Pattern: TBD