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September Sale

I am offering you a chance to do a little holiday shopping before the holiday season rush and in return you can help me clear shelf space for a whole bunch of new things coming in next month. I will be spending a little time with family in the coming days and all shipments will be delayed until September 28th. As a consumer myself, I know it's not easy waiting for new Polish pottery and I appreciate your patience. Here is what you I am offering you for a very limited time. 

1. Buy one piece of pottery, get one at 30% off. This is not a one time deal. If you buy 6 plates, 3 of them will be discounted by 30%! This is automatic and no coupon codes are required. 


2. Your points are doubled for all purchases during this sale. If you have not signed up for a pottery points account, I encourage you to do so by clicking the link on the bottom right of our page. You still get points regardless so even if you have not signed up I keep track. Signing up allows you to also keep track. Your double points will be adjusted once I return. 


3. Orders over 200.00 will receive a free gift. This is at my discretion and I make no promises on what I might choose.


4. Free Shipping. Spend just $99 and I will ship to you for free if you are in the continental United States. This is a really nice savings all by itself. 


Happy Shopping and Thank you for Stopping by! 


On another note: 

I am often reminded of what my customers mean to me. Many have become friends throughout the years and every sale has helped to support my family and my now grown children. It's hard to put into words, what that means to me. I know you can shop anywhere and this store is probably not your only stop for Polish pottery but know this, when you buy from my store, I remember you. I sometimes smile at the choices you make and I enjoy when I can help you find the things you want and love. I started this business doing personal shopping when I lived near Poland and every weekend I would travel with a big list of things to look for. It was the beginning sparks of my little business. That was 20 years ago. Things have changed but my passion for this has not.  

Thank you for choosing Pacific Polish Pottery. 

Hug your loved ones, time is short and you never know what the next moment will bring.