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Polish Pottery Sales


For the rest of January AND February, we are offering a variety of ways to save. We are doing this for a few reasons. We will be traveling for a month and shipping will be delayed until after Feb. 20th. Once we get back orders will be shipped out in the order they were received. We know this is a long time but as a small business we must take time for ourselves and our family throughout the year. To help ease the wait we like to offer special discounts and ways to save. We also need to clear space. We have A LOT coming this Spring and Summer and our space is limited. These sales do not combine you must choose your discount. 

Things to keep in mind: 

These discounts do not include past orders or custom orders. 

You must use your appropriate code at checkout. 

Do not assume that multiple orders will be combined. 

If you have items in your cart that do not get discounted after adding your code then that item/s is not included in the sale. 

We will be out of contact for most of the month. This means no internet, no phone, no text, no messages, no calls. We MAY have limited access from time to time but assume we will be out of touch until mid February. If you reach out, we will get back to you but please have patience. 


Use code KALICH30 - Save 30% of Select Kalich. We will be removing the Kalich line of pottery from our website by the end of this year with the exception of some decorative and holiday items. Once these are gone, we won't be reordering. You can find those pieces here. 

Use code UNICORN15 - Save 15% on the items on our site that we have identified as "unicorn" pieces. You can find those pieces here.

Use code ULTRA10 - Save 10% on our ultra high end unikat which is MOST U6, U7 and U8 patterns from Ceramika Artystyczna. There may be some pieces that are not included in this sale. You can find all eligible items here.